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Toro and irrigation – Film shown at Green Week 2012

The aim of the Platform is to increase the awareness about solutions for the water challenges. One of these challenges is water scarcity. Smart irrigation is key to use water in a sustainable manner and avoid wasting water.

This film shows the way Toro irrigation services develop their solutions.

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Water by CEIR

We have invited the companies and associations represented on our stand at the Green Week to explain how they contribute with solutions to the water challenges. Here is a piece of information by CEIR, the European Taps and Valves Association:

The water label is a European labelling voluntary scheme initiated by taps and valves manufacturers to improve the water consumption and performance of taps, valves & shower heads.

  A simple tool to inform consumers on water consumption of taps, valves and showerheads
  A single label used throughout Europe
  A complete database of labelled water saving products

  It clearly shows the volume of water that the product will consume if
installed correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions
 Litres per minute
 Coloured performance bands
 Actual capacity/performance

Simple classification scheme applicable throughout Europe

 Sets harmonised water flow requirements conforming to any legal national requirements
 Promotes the use of water saving taps, valves and shower heads in private and public buildings
 Self-declared and monitored by independent audits to keep the scheme cost-efficient
 Informs European consumers on water consumption of taps (basin and kitchen) and shower heads
 Invites consumers to check the products database to find water saving taps, valves and shower heads in their country
 Maximises the effectiveness of the labelling scheme and monitors its implementation
 Contributes to the various efforts to save water and energy

More info: info@europeanwaterlabel.eu
The website: www.europeanwaterlabel.eu

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Getting ready for Green Week

We have seen that we are now listed on the Green Week website under the exhibition section. We appear under the logo of Orgalime Partnership. On our stand we will show examples of companies that make it happen for water : Toro irrigation, KSB, Hans Grohe, Atlas Copco, Xylem and also CEIR, the European Association for the Taps and Valves Industry will launch its water label on our stand!  Our stand is also supported by Neoperl and Europump.

The Platfom aims at promoting the abilities and commitment of the equipment supply industy to address the water challenge.

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