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Toro and irrigation – Film shown at Green Week 2012

The aim of the Platform is to increase the awareness about solutions for the water challenges. One of these challenges is water scarcity. Smart irrigation is key to use water in a sustainable manner and avoid wasting water.

This film shows the way Toro irrigation services develop their solutions.

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Xylem says let’s solve water ( 2 ) the film

One of the two films from Xylem we showed on the stand at Greeen Week 2012

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Water by CEIR

We have invited the companies and associations represented on our stand at the Green Week to explain how they contribute with solutions to the water challenges. Here is a piece of information by CEIR, the European Taps and Valves Association:

The water label is a European labelling voluntary scheme initiated by taps and valves manufacturers to improve the water consumption and performance of taps, valves & shower heads.

  A simple tool to inform consumers on water consumption of taps, valves and showerheads
  A single label used throughout Europe
  A complete database of labelled water saving products

  It clearly shows the volume of water that the product will consume if
installed correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions
 Litres per minute
 Coloured performance bands
 Actual capacity/performance

Simple classification scheme applicable throughout Europe

 Sets harmonised water flow requirements conforming to any legal national requirements
 Promotes the use of water saving taps, valves and shower heads in private and public buildings
 Self-declared and monitored by independent audits to keep the scheme cost-efficient
 Informs European consumers on water consumption of taps (basin and kitchen) and shower heads
 Invites consumers to check the products database to find water saving taps, valves and shower heads in their country
 Maximises the effectiveness of the labelling scheme and monitors its implementation
 Contributes to the various efforts to save water and energy

More info:
The website:

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Water by Toro

We have invited the companies represented on our stand at the Green Week to explain how they contribute with solutions to the water challenges.

Here is a post by TORO ‘s Sr. International Marketing Manager Brian Ries:

Water is essential to the survival of every living thing on the planet. As our global population increases, efforts to manage constrained resources will certainly intensify. Every irrigation professional has heard about the increasing importance of managing water use and, even though the situation affects every region differently, it has global impact. The effects go beyond water availability – of equal concern is the power consumption required to process and distribute water. In municipal systems with older distribution networks, the source water required to meet demand is greatly increased due to losses in the system. As a result, the need for efficient irrigation systems that demand less water to maintain healthy, vibrant landscapes is greater than ever before.

Consistent with the principles on which we were founded, The Toro Company is committed to helping customers enrich the beauty, productivity and sustainability of the land with innovative precision irrigation systems. From our beginnings in 1914, we built our name and following by providing innovative solutions to customer’s needs. Today, this rich legacy continues as we strive every day to develop exciting new products and services that yield performance, productivity and environmental benefits to our customers.

 It is not enough to be “smart;” to truly save water, one must be smart and precise. The Toro® Precision Irrigation Portfolio is:

  • Universal – products are designed to fit multiple manufacturer’s equipment
  • Simple – no digging, trenching, or complicated wiring
  • Immediate – as soon as you install, you start using less water (no system adjustments)

A prime example is the Toro Precision™ Series Spray Nozzle – with patented H2O chip technology –, which represents the most significant breakthrough in spray nozzle technology in over 60 years. Invisible to the naked eye, water streams oscillate at over 200 cycles per second to generate a more consistent droplet size to reduce runoff and provide up to 30% water savings. With options to fit Toro spray heads and those of other manufacturer’s, this breakthrough technology can be applied to an existing system and provide immediate, measureable savings.

We have added new products to our portfolio including Precision™ Soil Sensor and Precision™ Rotating Nozzles that provide immediate water savings upon installation and fit not only Toro products, but most of our competitors, as well. Toro’s full suite of Precision™ Irrigation Solutions is perfect for the efficiency needs of new systems and renovation of the many antiquated systems that are ripe for upgrade.


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