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EU Green Week 2012 on Water

 I am currently applying to get a stand at the great EU Green Week.  The theme for 2012 is water, this is just the opportunity not to be missed for the engineering industry to show what it can deliver in terms of water savings, water efficiency and water treatment.

A little more to increase the visibility of our project to potential members

Worldpumps is also talking about us. we trust this will convince companies to join the project

Increasing the footprint of the project

We are proud to see that one press release about us has already been published in the professional press.  we hope this will raise the interest and help us get sufficient members to launch our Platform at its optimised level.


Our leaflet is ready

Making it Happen for water – project outline is our leaflet to convince equipement suppliers to join forces and be heard in Brussels.


Europump supports the Platform

We are proud to announce that Europump, the European Pump Industry Association has decided to support the Platform.

Pumps are a key enabler for water solutions.

2012 Year of Water

The EU has nominated 2012 as the “Year of Water”. This reflects increasing concerns about

  • the scarcity of potable water
  • high levels of leakage in public water supply networks and irrigation
  • water wastage in households, commercial buildings and industry
  • the volume of wastewater which remains untreated.


Making it happen for water

We are here to increase the awareness among EU decision makers of the abilities of the equipment supply industry to address the water challenge;

Pressure on water resources is increasing and will continue to grow given population growth and climate change.  Potable water supply is relatively scarce and becoming scarcer. All types of water need to be managed better, with increasing emphasis on water conservation and treatment quality. This applies not only to drinking water but also water for irrigation and waste water.  

We want to showcase examples of efficient and effective handling of water.



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